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Uniroyal® Launches the Tiger Paw® AWP 3 TireAn affordable everyday tire offering a comfortable ride

LAVAL, Quebec, March 14, 2017 – Uniroyal® is launching the new Tiger Paw® AWP 3, an  affordable, everyday tire for cars and  minivans that delivers long, even tread wear and a quiet, comfortable ride.

“The Uniroyal® Tiger Paw® AWP 3 tire provides value-conscious consumers a budget-friendly,  all-season tire,” said Frederic Ollendorff, country operational marketing manager for Uniroyal®, Canada. “Generations have placed their trust in Uniroyal tires every day for 125 years.”

The new Uniroyal® Tiger Paw® AWP 3® tire is available for 85% of passenger cars and minivans in the market today; and combines three tire lines into one, replacing the Tiger Paw® AS65, Tiger Paw® Touring and Tiger Paw® AWP 2. On sale as of March 2017, the Tiger Paw® AWP 3® Tire offers an 100,000 km warranty on H and V speed-rated tires and an 110,000 km warranty on tires with a speed rating of T. Available in 72 sizes, the manufacturer’s suggested starting retail price starts from $78 Canadian.


175/65R14  82T

185/60R15  84T

195/55R16  87V

205/50R17   89V

225/50R18 95T

185/60R14  82H

185/65R15  88H

205/55R16  91T

215/45R17   87V

185/65R14  86H

185/65R15  88T

205/60R16  92T

215/55R17   94V

185/75R14  86T

195/60R15  88H

215/65R16  95T

215/60R17   96H


195/65R15  88T

215/55R16  93H

215/60R17   96T


195/65R15  91H

215/60R16  95T

215/65R17   99T


195/65R15  91T

215/60R16  95V

225/45R17   91V


205/65R15  94H

215/60R16  98T

225/50R17   94T



205/70R15  96T

215/70R16  100T

225/55R17   97T



215/70R15  98T

225/55R16   95V

225/55R17   97V




225/60R16   98H

225/60R17   99T




225/60R16   98T

235/60R17   102T




225/65R16   100T




175/65R15  84H

205/55R16  91H

215/55R17  94H

215/55R18   95H

205/70R15  96T

205/55R16  91V

225/45R17  91H

225/45R18   91V


205/60R16  92H

225/50R17  94V

225/55R18   98V


205/60R16  92V

225/55R17  97H

235/55R18   100T


205/65R16  95H

225/60R17  99H

245/45R18   96V


215/60R16  95H

225/65R17  102T




235/55R17   99H



195/70R14  91T

195/55R15  85V

195/50R16    84H

215/50R17   91H

225/60R18  100H


205/75R15  97T

205/50R16    87H

215/50R17   91V

235/45R18    94V



205/50R16    87V





235/60R16    100H





235/60R16    100T




About Uniroyal:

Uniroyal Tire is one of the world's leading tire brands for passenger and commercial cars, pick-ups, light trucks, mini vans and sport utility vehicles. Dating back to 1892, Uniroyal Tire has developed a reputation for providing high-quality, affordable tires including its Tiger Paw® and Laredo® tire series. Uniroyal tires offer just the right combination of dependability, traction and grip in almost every weather condition, and come with one of the industry's leading warranties. Visit Uniroyal Tire online at

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