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Tiger Paw Ice & Snow

Offer peace of mind to your customers this winter.
Ultimate traction in Ice & Snow.

Highly siped tread surfaces, deep tread grooves and a special winter traction compound.

Excellent traction in cold temperature.

High-technology winter polymer compound that maintains molecular adhesion and keeps optimal tread flexibility at low temperatures.

Capable of speeds up to 180 km/h (S-rated) and 160 km/h (Q-rated).

S- & Q- Speed rated

Quiet ride.

Computer-optimized variable pitch tread elements.

For enhanced ice traction.

Molded for studs (use #12 studs where permitted by law).

Meets the RAC [[1]] severe snow performance requirements.

The dimensions shown are average tire design values for tires measured on specified measuring rim widths. Some tires may vary from this value by +/- 3% of the section height (affecting overall diameter), and +/- 4% of the section width.

NOTE: Use only rims designated by the rim manufacturer as suitable for radial tires.

DANGER: Never mount a 16" diameter tire on a 16.5" rim.

WARNING: Serious injury may result from 1) Tire failure due to underinflation/overloading, follow owner's manual or tire placard in vehicle. 2) Explosion of tire/rim assembly due to improper mounting. Never inflate beyond 40 psi to seat beads. Only specially trained persons should mount tires. 3) Mixing bias tires with radials on the same vehicle. Mixing different tire sizes. Follow manufacturer's recommendations. Operation of any vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner is not endorsed.

Rubber Association of Canada