How do I register my tires online?

To register your tires, please visit the tire registration section of our website.

Where can I obtain pricing information?

Our passenger and light truck tires are sold through our network of retailers. We do not sell direct to the public.


The selling retailer establishes pricing on tires. For pricing on our tires please contact your local participating dealer. A listing of dealers can be found by utilizing the dealer locator link on our website.

Can I buy a road hazard policy?

We do not provide road hazard coverage. In some cases, tire retailers may offer and administer their own road hazard warranty programs. Typically, retailers will offer a customer the opportunity to purchase a road hazard warranty only in conjunction with the purchase of new tires. We play no role in retailer road hazard warranty programs and do not maintain any listing of retailers that offer such coverage. You may wish to contact participating dealers in your area and inquire if they would be willing to sell such coverage to you.