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Passenger car and minivan tires from Uniroyal® provide a comfortable, quiet ride, long-lasting tread life and all-season traction on the highway and around town. Our outstanding everyday performance is designed for your style of driving and total confidence mile after mile.

Tiger Paw Touring A/S

Our long-lasting all-season tire designed for your everyday needs.

  • Long-lasting treadlife

  • Confidence in any weather condition.

  • Comfort, quality and peace of mind every day.

120,000-km Limited Warranty

105,000-km Limited Warranty

All-Season Performance

Power Paw A/S

An ultra-high performance all-season tire that offers long-lasting treadlife for everyday drivers.

  • Long-lasting treadlife, now backed by a 75 000 km warranty.

  • Engineered to give you a confident ride.

  • An ultra high-performance tire designed for a quiet, comfortable ride.

75,000km Limited Warranty

6-Year Limited Warranty

All-Season Performance